Eight surreal installations occupy pride of place on Toronto’s Eastern beaches during the months of February and March.

The artworks are located in the position of the lifeguard posts that occupy the Kew, Scarborough and Balmy beaches on the Eastern beach stretch of Lake Ontario. They have been chosen to be built from more than 350 submissions as part of the third annual Winter Stations Design Competition, created to encourage locals to explore the beach in winter.

Winter Stations Design Competition

International and local design professionals were asked to submit their ideas under the theme of “Catalyst,” and to come up with designs as incentives for change that challenged the mind of a viewer. The competition also encouraged the use of materials that could be reused after the exhibition was over.

Among the eight winners now showing along the shorefront are a piece inspired by Japanese hot springs, an inverted pine forest and a wooden lighthouse. One installation called Collective Memory, by Andrea Govi and Mario Garcia, is made up of hundreds of glass bottles in which people are encouraged to leave a written memory.


360 Lake Front, Toronto, ON M4E 1A7, Canada