Uniqlo on Fifth Avenue has undergone a makeover by artist Sigrid Calon to celebrate the brand’s new MOMA inspired super-geometric collection.

Once just a brief to design a notebook collection, it quickly became a commission to take over the entire store. Sigrid created bold prints, which featured on the digital screens, walls, floors, stairs and pillars, delivering maximum impact to the high footfall store.

In contrast to the new clothing collection which was predominately black and white, the interior graphics consisted of bright colours including the brand’s dominant Japanese red. Japanese style material flags were also hung from the ceilings.

Uniqlo in Print | Sigrid Callon

Despite a busy environment, the new design complemented the space creating an exhibition area. Rather than compete with the product, the strong prints enhanced it. The graphics were also cleverly used as a static wayfinding device which led customers to the new collection.

The exciting print provided a dramatic effect without the expense of a major store refit.

New York

666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019, USA