One store making a statement inside a shopping mall is woolen and sheepskin retailer Yellow Earth. The unique store has encased its entire shopfront in rope which resembles giant strands of wool woven from ceiling to floor, catching the attention of the passer-by.

From the outside you can see a glimpse of what’s in store in between the strands of wool, enticing the shopper inside. The wool theme continues inside the space with giant cone shapes created by the woven roping. The rope forms compartmentalised sections for the store and provides a spotlight on the product.

Inside yellow earth woolen store with rope features

Yellow Earth woolen store

The provenance of the product is demonstrated throughout the store with sheepskin-clad walls and felt lights as well as rough textured flooring representing the old tanneries.

The old school charm is also present with an entire wall of boxed shoes, where the retail assistant needs to use the movable ladder to find the perfect size shoe for the customer.

The store has been designed by Tandem Design Studio and illustrates how to make an impact in a competitive mall environment.


Emporium Melbourne, 110/287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia