A unique exhibition partnering the art of perfumery and glove making will be held in Milan during the Esxence trade fair.

The Unscent Glove Letters exhibit will be located in the Avery Perfume Gallery in the Excelsior Hotel Milan and run from March 23 until March 31.

Unscent Glove Letters features the one of a kind work of Swedish glove designer Tomasine Barnekow and the expertise of artisan perfume distributor the Intertrade Group. Both, via the Avery Perfume Gallery and its 15 global gallery/store spaces, promote the ideas and art behind niche and artisan fragrance

Gloves on hands

The unsented gloves letter exhibition

The exhibition was inspired by the fact that in the Middle Ages the French perfume capital of Grasse, was known for its fine leathers, and the tanneries made their product smell better by scenting the gloves they were to sell to the aristocracy. It was said that this fashion was set when a local craftsmen presented some scented gloves to Catherine de Medici, and her court all flocked to buy a similar product.

The Unscent Glove Letter exhibition will travel to other cities that have an Avery Perfume Gallery in the near future.


Galleria del Corso, 4, 20122 Milano, Italy