Every year The Serpentine, the contemporary art gallery in London’s Hyde Park, partners with an architect to create an exterior illustration for the public during the summer months.

The 2017 architect is Francis Kéré of Burkina Faso who has fused the need to create a structure which could endure the elements of rain, cold and heat with the cultural influences of his hometown.

The concept was designed to resemble a tree, which in Burkina Faso is a meeting place for the community. The blue circular structure has a latticed wooden canopy with a courtyard in the centre. The structure will be cleverly transformed into a waterfall when it rains.

Inside the Serpentine Pavilion unveils a unique courtyard in the centre

The deep blue woven structure that forms the walls mirrors the colour worn in Burkina Faso on special occasions and when there is a need to impress. The latticework and old-style building blocks, which provide a textural effect, give this structure a modular-style installation. The building is softly lit for the late evening arts and cultural events and is open until 8 October 2017.


Kensington Gardens, London W2 2UH, UK