The world’s number one chef, Massimo Bottura of Osterio Francescana fame in Modena, has brought his charity to London to open up a new community kitchen.

Massimo’s charity, Food for Soul, has teamed up with local charity The Felix Project to create Reffetorio Felix which is a designed communal eating space to feed London’s homeless.

The space inside St Cuthbert’s Community Centre, has been designed by Ilse Crawford of Studiolise. The brief was to provide a beautiful and dignified space for the people in need. The building’s large arched windows provided an existing natural beauty feature allowing high levels of natural light. Interior colours were also kept bright with pale peppermint green, light beige wooden floors and white hanging lanterns.

The Reffetorio Felix

The space includes a reading corner, private counselling room and film screening area as well as the stainless steel commercial kitchen. Multiple comfortable sofas are located around the space, providing a relaxing contrast to the linear communal eating tables.

The Reffetorio Felix is running for the month of June and will feature the best chefs from the UK as well as Massimo preparing the food.



Earl's Court Ward

51 Philbeach Gardens, Kensington, London SW5 9EB, UK