Some people’s idea of a completely pink store might be slightly off-putting. However one high-end women’s fashion store in Monterrey, Mexico called Novelty pulls off the effect well.

Created by Anagrama, a design agency with operation in both the US and Mexico, the one-level store with a mezzanine, is predominately blush pink with its walls being pyramidal staircases. The stairs act as a design feature, as well as a practical merchandising tool, providing access to the mezzanine level. The pyramid stairs are complemented with geometric cut outs in the partition walls.

Novelty pink store

Colour and material variation comes from the grey carpet and occasional grey plinths and the service and payment counter. This colour is offset by the metallic silver frames that also have the pyramid stair design feature and are used to hang the clothing. Glass capsules are also placed throughout the store to showcase the hero pieces of the season.

The mezzanine-level provides design symmetry and hosts the majority of the store’s product.

The simple design elements of this store go a long way.



San Pedro Garza García

Av Bosques del Valle 111, Bosques del Valle 1er Sector, 66250 San Pedro Garza García, N.L., Mexico