David Guarino of Zillion Ideas has designed a store for CABaN HAYAMA in Kyoto, which resembles a Hampton-style luxury hotel.

The exterior features a wooden frame made up of window boxes filled with evergreen plants, providing a new take on living wall while at the entrance, there are large sofas looking like a lobby check-in area.

The interiors include a complementary mix of materials from white wooden floorboards to white-washed walls and blue and white striped canvas long bench seating, bringing to life the summer holiday feel.

CABaN HAYAMA designed BY David Guarino | Zillion Ideas

The striped bench seating is used to display merchandise, providing an attractive yet functional use. The same canvas is also used to black out windows on the faux doors, which are a design feature.

Glass is used in abundance with an entire back wall made of the material and attractive black-framed windows.  Abundant summer pictures also work as mood-setters around the store.

This is a very attractive store providing an authentic hotel vibe and one that utilises space cleverly to ensure a product can be displayed in every corner.



Kawaramachi Station, 四条通河原町西入ル真町, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8001, Japan