Stores in Seoul are consistently in the vanguard of good design. One such is the small eyewear boutique called Endpiece, named after the part of the glasses connected to the lens frame. 

Created by Korean outfits, wallga and WGNB, the space has a hero design piece featuring perpendicular walls made from teal coloured wires. The wire is woven loosely and creates an interesting functional background and screen for the store. The wire is also used for pendant globe lights.

Splashes of colour with yellow and blue are also seen sparingly on counters and supporting beams in what is a largely grey-toned store. Grey terrazzo flooring and counters with coloured glass pieces provide a clinical yet design-led feature.

The Endpiece minimal interios

The competition in eyewear stores remains intense with the likes of Warby Parker and Ray-Ban using smart tech that allows shoppers to share images with friends, while brands such as Endpiece use design as the method by which to stand out from the crowd.


Seoul, South Korea