In a retail environment where online sales dominate, Zhongshuge Bookstore in Chengdu recognizes the need to create a destination. 

This bookstore offers a world of different environments inside the store utilizing different themes, design materials, light and use of space. The children’s book room is reached by traveling through a bamboo forest where you arrive at an enchanted clearing. Large

Large colorful mushrooms act as cubby houses for children to read and also double as lighting. The bookshelves have clever panda bear, bamboo and windmill stencils, filled with books.

The bamboo forest is an adult’s book area, which also offers a place to study. The exposed red brick walls and industrial air conditioning vents bring a touch of New York. The 5m-high walls feature bookshelves in lines resembling bamboo. In parts, the area is divided into two floors and glass study pods with sofas and desks providing a refuge to work.

Zhongshuge bookstore

Zhongshuge bookstore

The store also has a large and impressive theater area for performances as well as a place to read. The stadium-style seating is curved and wave-like and the seating is surrounded by mirrored glass which reflects terraced fields.

The bookstore understands the principle of giving a reason to visit over online.



Chengdu, Sichuan, China