Selfridges has launched a new campaign, ‘Our House’, which aims to bring back the art of homemaking. The campaign also celebrates the department’s store original aim under Harry Gordon Selfridge to create a home away from home for its customers.

The department store is known for cleverly integrating all of its campaigns from its windows to many areas of the floor. For ‘Our House’, it explores the question throughout the store: What makes a house a home with four themes, rest, gather, play and cleanse.

The brand has partnered with The New Craftsman to run a series of workshops which brings back some of the old practices to slow down life in a busy world. The art of sourdough making, preserving food and weaving are just some of the courses on offer to the shopper.

The windows, or as Selfridge’s calls them, their postcards, also celebrate the rituals in the home from the art of cleansing, and sleeping to tea and conversation.

Selfridges, London

A temporary general store is in residence with designers such as Roksanda, Temperley and Loewe selling traditional wares.

The campaign runs until June 9th.

Marylebone High Street Ward

400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB, UK