In contrast to Toronto, which has its famous winter stations in which artworks are created from lifesaver beach huts, an annual exhibition of sculptures takes place along the beaches of Cottesloe during the summer in Perth, Australia.

The 18-day exhibition is an open-air gallery of 80 contemporary sculpture pieces where each of the designers makes best use of the sea, sand and surf backdrop.

Three pieces that use the environment to maximum effect are the giant clear glass snow dome which cleverly incorporates the view into the design, the hammerhead shark made of old machine parts and jelly fish and sea anemones made from colourful plastic.

Sculpture by the sea

Other notable sculptures on show are the giant shell made of stainless glass windows and a 5.5m statue of a big boy.

The exhibition attracts over 200,000 to the sleepy beach town, proving popular with the locals and tourists. It closes on the 20 of March 2017 and is free.



Forrest St, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia