Brazilian high end fashion boutique Acola wanted to refresh its store design when it moved to a new location and make better use of a long and narrow unit.

Retailer trades in the Pinheiros shopping neighbourhood of Sao Paulo, which is characterized by its independent and idiosyncratic retail mix. The Acola store team chose local architectural practice Vao to bring much needed light and new energy into the 120 sq m three-storey building.

Opening up part of the ceiling and installing a glass and timber roof section to the rear of the store immediately transformed the look feel of the interior.

On the ground floor, the retailer opted for polished concrete floors teamed with warm but contemporary peroba rosa wood fixturing, all sourced from the owner of Acola’s own farmland.

Further into the space, the opening up of the roof to light enabled the architects to create a charming internal garden within the store, creating a sense of calm and a connection to the outside for its customers.


R. Padre Carvalho, 52 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, Brazil