Shanghai is home to the one stop running shop Running Camp – an urban haven where you try out the shoes, buy them and then have a workout in the gym.

The store features the shoe store and consulting experience on the ground floor with a running gym on the upper floor, including a large interactive exercise area, shower rooms, and lockers.

Located inside of a shopping center, the designers, Prism Design and Office Coastline, have opted for an industrial office-style look where everything is in three tones – orange, concrete gray, and silver.

The central orange staircase with metal cage-like balustrades and metal flooring is the centerpiece and zigzags through the space. A running track is also on the ground floor and circles around the stairs. Open ceilings with exposed silver air-conditioning vents, as well as metal-cage product displays add to the industrial effect. Orange plastic shelving complements the stairs and gives it a modern edge.



This store is an example of retailers providing a reason to visit rather than just a material purchase, creating loyalty and repeat customer visits.

Huangpu Qu

138 Huaihai Middle Rd, HuaiHai Lu DongDuan, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200085