Italian designer brand Replay has opened a theatre concept store in the new modern development of Porta Nuova in Milano.

The two-level store, designed by New York’s Roman and Williams buildings, has been created entirely as a grand theatre. The exterior of the store features the cinema boards and block letter font ensuring customers are transported to the theatre when entering the store.

The flagship Replay store selling women’s, men’s and children’s clothing is located on the ground floor and acts as the stage. The second floor with the restaurant and bar is the grand circle. There is also a denim café on the ground floor further proving the current dining, cafe and retail trend.

Replay store Milan

The retail space features rough-polished concrete floors, industrial design elements and grids as well as film lights hanging from the blackened out ceiling. Moving to each room is like visiting different film sets which are either active or have been abandoned. Large numbers painted on the walls provide the feeling you are moving to different film studios.

Upstairs the ambiance is very different. The dining is decadent and the interiors resemble a sleek Italian polished boat.

The film critics would definitely give this new retail and dining concept 5 stars.




Piazza Gae Aulenti, 4, 20154 Milano, Italy