One of the more difficult things that face any phone network attempting to make an impact as a retailer is making a store engaging. The plain fact is that shoppers have become so accustomed to the “wall of phones” that has characterized the sector for years, that moving away from this is difficult.

Yet visit the AT&T flagship store in San Francisco and it is possible to see how things can be done differently. This two-floor store, in a historic late 19th-century building on the city’s central Powell Street, combines the beauty of a building that is a landmark in its own right with two floors, ground and mezzanine, that disrupt expectations about what a phone shop should look like.

AT&T San Francisco

The ground floor does indeed have some elements that might be associated with a high street phone shop but head upstairs and Portland-based design company Twenty Four 7 has worked with AT&T to create an interactive experience zone where the aim is to bring the ‘internet of things’ to life.

“We specifically created experiences to entertain, educate, and inspire consumers about what a connected life can mean to them,” said Mimi Lettunich, founder and executive creative director at Twenty Four 7. The outcome is a very non-standard flagship store.



1 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA