Cross St in Islington, North London, is slowly becoming a shopping destination with the recent opening of Le Labo and now fashion and lifestyle store, Paper Mache Tiger. Once just the showroom of the PR and marketing agency with the same name, it has been cleverly transformed into a store open to the public, closing only two times a year during fashion week.

The store is tri-colour – white, wood and green, with white walls, wooden floors and abundant greenery. It resembles a tropical forest with lush plants and mini-forests throughout the store with hanging baskets, cacti placed on chairs and mosses and vines hanging from shelves.

The outdoors is also emphasised by canvas curtains for the changing rooms and furniture with tropical floral patterns. The glass atrium roof provides an indoor/outdoor feel. The store also has the obligatory café without which a retail enterprise is increasingly no longer complete.

Paper Mache Tiger | London

This is a great use of retail space, run by a PR agency, which helps ensure the people marketing their brand understand the product.

St. Mary's Ward

26 Cross St, London N1 2BG, UK