Starting with a store located in the Palau de Moja, a neo-classical aristocratic house built in 1774 on the corner of Portaferrisa, one of the most popular tourist sights in Barcelona, the design for the Palau Pharmacy has been created to emphasise the site’s heritage.

A ‘palace’ was the creative concept for the Palau Pharmacy and the shop front has three entrances into a store 70 sq m divided into three rooms of different sizes.

It is a listed building and the need is to display as much stock as possible for customers who are mostly foreign tourists who we knew would most likely never set foot in the pharmacy again, was the challenge for agency Marketing Jazz.

It developed the ethos “Vintage is In” and the logo is inspired by the family’s ancient crests and by the aged wood panels and copper strongboxes with their centuries-old coats of arms, lit by yellow LEDs. An old iron cabinet serves as the backdrop for creating window displays.

Photo credits: Marketing Jazz

Palau de Moja, 118, Portaferrisa, Barcelona

Palau de Moja, 118, Portaferrisa, Barcelona