US luxury department store Neiman Marcus has opened a 95,000 sq ft store in Fort Worth.

The latest opening from the Texas-headquartered department store is at new shopping centre The Shops at Clearfork and has been dubbed by its management as a “store of the future.“ That moniker has been given to the space because of the amount of interactive technology embedded into the offering.

Mirrors are key across the whole store, with many equipped with the ability to take high definition photographs and videos which shoppers can review to sense-check their purchase decisions. In the beauty department, assistants can try on looks and send them to their customers at home so that they can use them in the future as aide memoire tutorials, while in the sunglasses department, mirrors allow side-by-side comparisons of looks, which can be shared via social media and email, to get feedback on choices.  In a women’s fitting room there is mirror that provides 360° images to understand fit from every angle. Alongside this, customers can personalize the music choice via a smartphone app.

Neiman Marcus

Elsewhere there are complimentary phone charging stations and interactive digital directories to help shoppers navigate the space. And the tech comes with a large dose of artwork, something shoppers expect to see at a Neiman Marcus. Artists featured include: Frank Stella and Henri Matisse, as well as a number of local names commissioned to fill specific spaces.

The store also boasts a glass-walled fragrance room, private jewellery rooms, spa rooms for beauty and wellness vendors to carry out private treatments and a bar and café featuring a special event space.

The new Shops at Clearfork location replaces the Neiman Marcus Ridgmar Mall store that closed at the end of January.

Fort Worth

Monahans Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA