On June 14th-15th, MiND took over the Do The Extraordinary space in the buzzing city of Seattle for our fourth consecutive #MindTalks event. Our vision was to bring the magazine to life, by connecting with the creative minds within our industry, to stimulate an open and compelling discussion, and to motivate and inspire one another. After the completion of the event, we are happy to say, we achieved this and more.

The space was redesigned by ALU Inc. and decorated with an installation created on the initial launch night, by one of our artist speakers, Dylan Neuwirth. The neon sculptures illuminated a new sense of energy to the room, and being able to witness the piece form to life, encouraged visitors to experience the art in its entirety.

Do The Extraordinary Space

To kick off MiNDTalks, the mysterious design collective, The Design Wolves revealed the core values behind their revolutionary ways of thinking and ignited an intimate propaganda. With the need for change evident in the retail and design industry, the anonymous pack are planting the seed to bring the art of design back to its ethical roots, uncontaminated from the corporate world.

On the Thursday, Stay True to your Wild saw Alexander Carleton, creative director of Filson, Justin Kercher, founder of Do The Extraordinary, and Ian Eburah, creative director of REI, each explain what it means to remain loyal to your brand, remaining true to your personal values and cherishing our heritage as a means to move forward and generate new innovations.


Zach Augustine, VP creative director in the art department at Nike and Dylan Neuwirth, led the discussion on Adopting an Artist Environment and Perspective, giving us a glimpse into the MiND of a creative inspiration.

Storytelling was at the heart of A Glimpse of Hollywood and Retail, with Kambiz Hemati sharing his experience of combining both. Kambiz opened the discussion by evoking his idea of bringing these creative industries together, and how they can open new doors and possibilities to the customer experience.

To close, The Extra Mile sought to empower the room to go above and beyond ones comfort zone, with Brett Kirby delving into the struggles and accomplishments of Nike’s Breaking 2’ project.


Each topic of conversation brought a unique and inspiring perspective to this year’s #MiNDtalk, allowing our attendees to leave the room feeling motivated in putting their next step forward within their industry.

We would like to say a big Thank You to each and every speaker, facilitator and attendee who made the vision of this event into an unforgettable reality. The enthusiastic and motivational energy brought by you made this event the unique experience that it was and gave it a true meaningful purpose.

With fresh thoughts from #MiNDtalks in Seattle, we now look to our future to create new stories, ideas and motivations in hopes to better our inspiring industry.


Check back with MiND Magazine for more information on our upcoming #MiNDtalks. Until next time, thank you.


Seattle, WA, USA