Outdoor clothing brand, Maloja are increasing their physical presence having opened a new concept store in Oberstdorf. 

The boutique takes on a fresh, new look whilst enhancing its original historic features. As one of the oldest buildings within the extraordinary village, dating all the way to 1400, it offers visitors a truly unique shopping experience.

The exterior façade presents an eloquent fairy-tale theme, decorated with bright green shutters, exposed masonry, and intricate hand-painted motifs that instil a sense of enchantment and intrigue.  Upon entering, the space becomes an open market, showcasing a colourful selection of the brand’s latest merchandise and athletic apparel, available from their Maloja “BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS” Summer collection.

Inside the new Maloja concept store | Oberstdorf

The store has housed a multitude of businesses; originally built to serve a purpose for a bathhouse, then housed a tannery, then taken over by a bakery, and lastly it became a distillery. The historic appeal of the building is apparent in the interior, as the bathing pools remain visibly integrated within the store design, concealed underneath the glass flooring, which adds a modern twist.  “We are delighted to have found such a great building for this Maloja brand store. A house with so much history fits perfectly to Maloja,” noted Klaus Haas, CEO of Maloja, excitedly.

The 90 square meter store was mainly conceptualised by Maloja employees and their in-house carpenter. Peter Räuber, the brands other CEO directed the design and influenced the store’s transformation.  Their desire to avoid the purchase of new furniture or unnecessary help is an embodiment of the brand’s ethical values, their positive attitude on life and as an effort to reduce the environmental impact of their merchandise within their unique store concepts.

The store was mainly conceptualized by Maloja employees and their in-house carpenter.

Despite the many transformations the building has undergone, Maloja is proud to announce it as their latest retail store addition, calling it  their very own “Mountain House.”



Oberstdorf, Germany