Lifestyle yoga brand Lululemon made its men’s only brick and mortar debut in the Soho district of New York last year with “The Joinery” using the aid of MNA-design team. Now it has opened up its first space in Canada and this one is called “The Local”.

The business has evolved the look and feel of the concept for this launch creating a hangout and meeting destination for active male shoppers.

The store is located on the Ossington strip in the city’s West End, an area full of boutiques, microbreweries, contemporary art galleries, restaurants and coffee shops. The perfect destination therefore for weekend male shoppers.

Lululemon for mens, is offering a selection of running gear, CrossFit apparel yoga and loungewear

The store features concrete floors and has an industrial feel with its exposed ceiling pipes and barn-board panelled walls. From a product point of view, the offering is a selection of running gear, CrossFit apparel yoga and loungewear to suit the non-specific active guy.

The experience is the real draw, however.  Consistent with the  Lululemon parent, “The Local” looks to create a community around the store. Hence shoppers can find out about and sign up for running groups, drop in for a game of table tennis or perhaps catch up with a pal over a Station Cold Brew, the Toronto hipster coffee brand.


96 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z4, Canada