In the now achingly cool artist area of Peckham, stands London’s smallest shop, DKUK gallery, which doubles as an art exhibition and hairdressing salon.  Measuring a tiny 10 sqm, the shop replaces the valuable space for hairdressing mirrors with quirky artwork.  Gone are the days of reading magazines. Now customers can peruse the ever-changing art while having their hair done.

The clever use of space is the work of Sam Jacob studio. The interior has been encased in white plywood slates that also function to display the art. While this is predominately a white space, the hero pieces are the yellow coloured ironworks, which act as shelves but also as artworks in their own right.

Inside London’s smallest shop, DKUK gallery

The hairdressing salon is located in a busy independent market area. The intention of the store is very much to create an experience allowing customers to appreciate the art while the commercial backing of the business enterprise is a backdrop.


The Lane Ward

Holdrons Arcade, 135a Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST, UK