The humble Mani Pedi salon with its all-white interior is under transformation globally as more brands look to build distinctive franchises in this booming personal care area.

Luxury elements are one of the ways businesses are trying to differentiate themselves and that means a fresh look at interiors and design aesthetics, moving beyond the functional and clinical all white and glass emporiums of the past.

At the luxury end of the market in Korea the competition is tough so salons are employing architects to create memorable branded spaces.

King Cair Kang’s Nail salon in Seoul is one such example. It has been designed by local architects Ssomoo Design, which has a history of working on retail spaces within the beauty sector.

Inside Salon of King Cair

King Cair nail salon

The brand chose a closed-off exterior with a cute cottage style.  The modest yet intriguing external fascia opens up internally to a bright multi-textured luxurious space.

At the heart of the look and feel are the materials, which include herringbone porcelain floor tiles, marble, balsawood and hints of warmth via hanging copper lighting pendants.

Beauty and personal care continue to extend their grip on consumer attention.


Seoul, South Korea