Shopping Centres nowadays are looking more and more to find formats which add something extra to their assortment. They search to sit somewhere between retail and leisure succeeding to drive all that important footfall.

Marbles: The Brain Store is one such concept. Created in 2008 by entrepreneurs in Chicago, it now has 27 locations in the US and sells online. It’s said to be one of the US’s fastest growing retail concepts. The store sells a mixture of branded and proprietary product lines with the aim of providing product to keep the brain fit. So products are for anyone who wants to improve their focus and attention, enhance their creativity or become better multitask handlers.





The products and games sold are divided up by brain functions such as visual perception, critical thinking, memory and word skills. They are also merchandised under those titles so that the selection is edited and curated according to use.

The last and most important thing about this retailer is the level of product knowledge of its staff.  They are engaged and authoritative and already problem solvers, as most customers arrive looking for a present for someone with a problem or looking to improve their skills in a particular area of the brain. Marbles: The Brain Store is one to watch in these days of Attention Deficit Disorder and increasing longevity. Its products are serving a growing market and it has resonance across borders.

1735 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622

1735 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622