Outdoors and Wellington boot brand Hunter has opened the first wet weather pop-up store in Grand Central Station in NYC.

Located inside a glass greenhouse, the experiential installation has recreated the serene misty landscape of the Scottish Highlands juxtaposed with Manhattan’s busiest terminal.



Visitors are greeted by the atmospheric sound of rain and moss underfoot couple with ‘Scotch mist’ – a mix of fog and light rain common in the Scottish Highlands. Mannequins line the greenhouse and are dressed head to toe in Hunter gear and sheltered under umbrellas.

This is Hunter’s second pop-up in NY, following a temporary store in Soho. The experience store was open for just four days. We will wait to see if Hunter establishes a permanent store portfolio in the city or continues to use innovative pop-ups to grow the brand as well as concession and online sales.

New York

89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA