International Art Dealer, Hauser and Wirth knows how to stand out at an art fair, in this case the Frieze event in London, recreating a museum gift shop filled with ancient and modern bronze artefacts from 3,500 BC – 2017 AD.

Hauser and Wirth teamed up with well-known classicist, Professor Mary Beard, head of Classics at Cambridge, to curate the space. Leaning on Mary’s contacts with museums, pieces were borrowed from international museums including swords, daggers and bronze heads.

Hauser and Wirth has also filled its space in the Frieze big tent with contemporary bronze works from artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Martin Creed and Henry Moore sculptures, as well as bronze items that were bought from Ebay.

The artefacts are displayed behind glass cabinets and on glass tables, inviting visitors to choose the real from the fake.

This is a good example of creating a fun experience beyond the walls of the gallery.


London, UK