Freitag, the Swiss industrial-style bag retailer, has opened its first Italian store, in Milano. The bags, made from recycled truck tarps, have a new home in the northern Italian city’s expanding retail development of Porta Nuova, which merges old with new.

The new shop is housed in a 19th-century industrial building and has preserved its period design features including brick walls, vaulted ceilings, stone pillars and curved tunnels.

The interiors have been gutted to bring forward the brand’s modern ethos, which includes steel cabinets, modular shelving and stucco steel walls. Although a design feature, the storage including draws, cabinets and seating and serves a purpose, stocking over 1,500 bags.

Inside Freitag store Milan

Freitag store Milan Italy

Tubular fluoro lighting runs along the brick ceiling highlighting the product and reinforces the industrial edge.

The store is a good example of respecting Italian heritage while infusing hard modern elements.


Viale Pasubio, 8, 20154 Milano, Italy