Brooklyn record label, Fool’s Gold has created a new and larger store in its home suburb. The enlarged store, at 500 sq ft, sells the record label’s music as well as clothing and accessories lines. 



Created by Family New York, it’s designed to move away from minimalism and take a more opulent and richer approach. The focal point of the store is the polycarbonate layered walls which frame a gold mirror. The gold mirror cleverly gives the appearance of an enlarged space, making the most of the modestly sized interior. Each polycarbonate wall creates a niche selling area for clothing, magazines and records. There is also a DJ booth to spin some records in-store.

Local art studio, The Principles, created the furnishing including the rubber flooring and the record holders which are made from milk crates dipped in plaster.

A gold retro neon sign adds the finishing touch with an 80’s vibe and is just one of the many Instagram-created moments.



147 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA