Chinese kids footwear brand FlyPony’s concept is based on brand storytelling and the tale of a village child and his magic shoes. The retailer’s new store design follows suit.

Set in a fantasy landscape environment of trees and lakes created out of plywood fixturing and rugs, the shop is supposed to represent the boy’s magic village home.


Designed by store and space architects Prism, the brief for the concept is all about reinforcing the brand DNA of magic and education. The white walls can be used by kids to write on and coloured dots are either fixed and decorative or movable and multifunctional, while others are magnetic so that young customers can create their own patterns and shapes.

They can also be used to fix shelves, allowing the store environment and merchandising to flex and morph with the seasons. Colour is a key part of creating the fun and magical environment with a palette of eight colours being used for the multi-sized and multi-coloured plywood dots that are grounded on the white wall canvas.



Shanghai, China