Footwear and accessories business Cole Haan is overhauling its store look and feel and the latest location to get a new interior is the Century City Mall in Los Angeles.

The opening is part of a first opening phase in a $1bn makeover for the centre. The store is the latest in five US openings for the brand’s new format, the last being in Orange County’s South Coast Plaza. The new look has been inspired by an “at home” apartment style feel. Mosaic tiled wooden floors in a crisp colour palette of white and light and navy blues are laid in Herringbone style segments.

Interior store of Cole Hann LA

Cole Hann in LA

Simple white panelled walls and ceilings mark out the first of two rooms. Either side of a central walkway, three-seater sofas face display cabinets showcasing a mix of product and books. To the rear of the seating on either side are display tables with footwear and accessories, a second lower layer of which are displayed on plush purple velveteen display stools.

The second salon features a hand-drawn ceiling mural by award winning artist Josh Cochran. The mural, which resembles a chalkboard in its illustrative style, is full of inspirational quotes from 20th century pioneers and artists with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart included.

Cole Haan continues to develop.

Los Angeles

10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA