Luxury multi-brand shoe boutique Coccodrillo’s new store in Antwerp in Belgium is the latest in a line of stores that have chosen grey as the dominant colour in a store palette.

The influence of mid-century design and brutalism in store concepts at a luxury level and beyond continues. At Coccodrillo, the retailer’s store founder Eddy Michiels has worked in collaboration with its Belgian architect Glenn Sestig to develop a look that takes these elements and works them into something that is modern yet welcoming.

Coccodrillo Store in Antwerp, Belgium

The business has redeveloped the ground floor and basement of a 19th century townhouse on Arenbergstraat, in the city, for its latest opening. Sestig is responsible not only for the internal architecture but also the bespoke furniture and the lighting system in the store.

The store has a trading space of 2,691 sq ft with concrete walls and floors and fixturing that has been designed to be flexible, enabling the space to morph for in-store events.

Antwerp continues to be at designs cutting edge.


Arenbergstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium