A highlight of the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show is the District Exhibition, which sees region pitted against region as New South Wales and Queensland compete in the best produce competition. It’s not just based on the quality of the food, but on the way it has been designed and displayed. 

Each region creates an elaborate installation with country life scenes of life. Pumpkins, grains, mangoes, lettuces and apples all feature, creating images of rotating crop circles, giant picnic blankets and ‘Outback’ fences with horse riding saddles. The displays take around a week to complete but the preparation and growth means 6-months of pre-planning.

Sydney Royal Easter Show

The annual show also brings the country to the city, showcasing the best of the Outback from horse riding competitions to ‘best in show’ for every type of animal that makes it this far.

The district exhibits are located in the ‘Woolworths Fresh Food Dome’ which houses food stalls such as award winning pies, oysters, cupcakes and cheeses, all of which are available to try and buy.

The two-week show attracts close to 1m visitors, proving it to be one of Australia’s most popular events.

Sydney Olympic Park

1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia