Two quintessentially French brands, Citroen and Le Coq Sportif, have come together to create a cycling experience store to celebrate the car brand’s H van’s 70th birthday.

Now mainly the bastion of street and coffee food vendors, the H-van as well as a modern dispatch van, have been turned into mobile bicycle repair stores. The vans will follow the cycling race and promotional circuit and are open to the public.

The Citroen vehicles are painted in the tricolour colour scheme with the logos of sportswear brand, Le Coq Sportif, prominently placed. The old H Van promotes feelings of nostalgia with its fold-out hatch and light wood panelled interior and chocolate seats. Bike parts are carefully arranged on the back panel display.

Citroen & Le coq sportif

Citroen & Le coq sportif

The modern dispatch has a racier feel with white leather seats and red, white and blue topstitching.

This a clever mobile store which provides service, but also acts a strong branding device for complementary brands.



Paris, France