Camper, the Spanish shoe brand with a global footprint, has a reputation for unique store design and its latest collaboration with Schemata Architects does not disappoint.

The new store is located in the Shin Marunouchi building in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo and is pragmatic and functional in design.

Steel mesh grids create the narrative in the space, forming the pattern and structure of display tables and shelving. The transparent yet industrial effect that this invokes gives the space a light yet super-grounded feel.

Display of shoes inside Camper Tokyo

Camper shoe store Tokyo


The use of industrial materials adds to this look with a concrete floor and urethane rubber and MDF boards being used for table tops and shelving. This factory-style aesthetic is reinforced with the stockroom intruding onto the sales floor.

Here the steel mesh creates a see-through wall into the stock room space which is made up of moveable racks which face onto the trading space and through which you can see the staff busy moving through, seeking out shoes.



Japan, 〒100-6590 Tokyo, 千代田区Marunouchi, 1−5−1