Luxury brand, Burberry continues its campaign to democratise London’s fashion week with the reopening of its exhibition space, Makers House, celebrating the craftsmen of the industry. 

This is the second opening of the space to the general public and this season it’s all about sculptor Henry Moore, who inspired the new collection. Unlike any other brand, Burberry has included the customer in its fashion week campaign with a strong use of digital and also now all catwalk items are available straight from the store.

Burberry reopens its exhibition space, Makers House

The catwalk show during fashion week was held in Maker’s House and now the ready-to-buy collection is styled like Henry Moore mannequins inside the space. The raw concrete shell provides the perfect backdrop for the Moore sculptures and the back wall is lined with all the tools used to create the magnificent art works.

The space is also used for a series of events from artists, acoustic performances and a Thomas’ café, open for a limited time only.

West End Ward

1 Manette St, Soho, London W1D, UK