Mass-market retailer Pets at Home has created an upmarket spin-off store called Barkers. More closely resembling a Whole Foods Market than a shop for pets, there are seven Barkers, all opened in affluent areas where buying a Barbour for your dog might be desirable.

Barkers cleverly creates an experience for owners and the pet. The space has dark wooden floorboards giving that health-food feel and has sensory zones to encourage dwell time.

The entrance to the stores are like food halls with pick and mix dog treats and other doggie delights. It also sells high-end bedding and accessories.

Barkers for Dogs

The grooming parlor is a feature of the store. Presented in old fashion barber style, the parlor is presented in a glass cube, lending an air of theater to the store.

Fresh running water taps and complimentary towels for muddy dogs is the final added touch.


Bryanston and Dorset Square Ward

25 Harcourt St, Marylebone, London W1H 4HN, UK