Belgium artist Arne Quinze draws inspiration from nature and the world around us. His unique outlook on life allows him to see art in a distinct and dynamic manner. Art represents Arne’s hopes and dreams and is inspired by his everyday passion for life and all that lives around us.

Arne’s work has evolved over the years, from the once graffiti artist to the now nature enthused man he is today. The conceptual artist has grown alongside his work and is constantly defined by what he creates.  Every new creation captures his thoughts, research and insights into the mind and culture of each focus. He uses reacquiring techniques in his work through wood, colours and fluorescent paints, bringing his artwork to life.

Although Arne is best known for his sculptures and installations, he also transforms the minds of viewers through his paintings and drawings. MiND had the pleasure to ask Arne some questions on his work and inspiration, in both his personal and professional life.

Arne Quinze | MiND Creative Inspiration

What inspires/influences you in your artwork? How do these inspirations translate into your work? – Culture, background, daily life, imagination, people.

ARNE QUINZE: Firstly and most of all, I am inspired by nature. Nature is so diverse, and if you can create a balance and import nature into cities, you can create something truly amazing. Only 1% of the people in the World are interested in going to see Art in museums and Galleries but personally, for me- I want to transform our cities into museums. My goal is to reach that other 99 % with the outdoors and create open amazons and import my artwork without closed walls. Art is within our culture and helps to bring a new quality to life.

Being an artist, what is your personal outlook on life?

ARNE QUINZE: Personally I don’t believe you can choose to be an artist. I think it is something you are born with. You are constantly concentrated and engaged with yourself and the rest of the world. It is about having those ups and downs and those doubts about what you create but also being able to build yourself back up again and to keep going.

What role does art have in society?

ARNE QUINZE: Really art is about expressing diversity, creating a dialogue and pushing outside of the boundaries and yourself as a human being. Art is about reflecting on yourself and opening your mind to new things.

Arne Quinze | MiND Creative Inspiration

Do you believe art can be an inspiration in the retail industry and environments?

ARNE QUINZE: I am personally so far away from the commercial side of things, but still, to answer your question, I believe the more art we see in society the more inspiration we receive, which can be transcended into retail. We shouldn’t have to limit ourselves nor our art to simply just galleries and museums. The more colourful our lives are the better.

What is the conceptual content of your artwork? What word would you use to describe your work?

ARNE QUINZE: Well, the concept behind My City Jungles is again, nature and foliage. I was born in 1971 and now, compared to then, more than 30% of foliage has disappeared as we as humans have killed it. For me, it is about bringing that beauty of nature back into our lives and our cities. To bring a real influence of nature and diversity and all those different layers of nature from the colours, plant and animals into our everyday surroundings again.

What piece of your artwork do you most identify with or defines you as an artist?

ARNE QUINZE: Everything I do defines me. I only create what I like, but of course in terms of evolution, the art I create now compared to what I made 10years ago is no longer the same, but what I was making then, I would also have said defined who at the time also.  So for me, it is everything.

What would you like achieve/ make people feel when they view your artwork?

ARNE QUINZE: I would like to create a dialogue. When I was around the age of 15 or 16, I actually started off in graffiti and city art. I remember I was in a subway station, completely underground and this was before it had even opened. There was a train left in the station, and overnight, I created all these colours and artwork all along the station grounds. The next day, when it was officially being opened at around 10 in the morning, there were crowds of people gathering, including the likes of Politicians in their suits. I stood from the back, in my tracksuit with my hands in the pockets still covered and smelling of paint.  I watched as these people were saying how it was ugly and how could someone do this. Some were even getting quite stressed, but I don’t make art for everybody, that is not my goal. But sooner or later, these people of different cultures and nationalities started to talk to each other, some people even started to like it the more they talked about it and I believe I created a new form of narrative.  My art had started this dialogue between strangers, it had built connections and united people together. So that is what I want to continue achieving when I create my art.

Arne Quinze | MiND Creative Inspiration

What do you believe creates a value in art? Aesthetic, craftsmanship, the gallery, relevance to the market, reputation etc.?

ARNE QUINZE: For me, money has nothing to do with value. It is completely not my department but craftsmanship to me is really important. It is completely different. It is the reason I still continue to work with my hands in everything I do, even now. I want to be able to make something of the highest quality as possible and continue to use that level of teamwork. You should use everything you can to achieve your art goals, and to use even the things you don’t have; to create a real difference in textures between rough and simple and allow for your craftsmanship to be seen.

How do you see art evolving?

ARNE QUINZE:  Today is a very interesting period. For instance, back in the 60’s, 90’s, and even the 2000’s, you could really define art and how it was made. But now, there is all these new layers in society, a new variance of cultures within each corner of the planet and all these advancing sources of inspiration and technologies. So it is starting to become really interesting and actually quite difficult to suggest where art is going.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given…

ARNE QUINZE: Don’t be afraid to fall. When things start to get going in your art, you can’t be afraid to fall – you have to be able to take the risk and just start again. If you are good at something, don’t give up on that and continue to go over the limits.