APC has opened an accessories store in St Germain, Paris.  The new store stocks women’s shoes, bags and leather goods.

The interiors have been designed by architect Laurent Deroo, who has used terracotta to dominate the space. The burnt orange material is used across the floors and walls as well as for tiered shelving down one entire side of the store, resembling stadium seating. Products are displayed on the different levels and inside pull-out drawers.



On the other side of the store, is a mirrored wall that gives the illusion of space as well as a long grey curtain and matching sofa.  A white rendered wall is backlit, providing a contrast with the low key and otherwise subdued colour palette.  The obligatory neon APC logo is also present.

APC offers a contemporary environment combining a ‘quasi’ warehouse with 70’s style furnishing and differentiating itself from other stores in the label’s estate.


54 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris, France