Adidas has opened its largest store yet, on Fifth Avenue, New York. The global flagship is over four floors, and measures 45,000 sq ft.

The store embraces the high-school sports venues to capture that all-American feel. The entrance features tunnels seen at stadiums where athletes run onto the pitch. It also has bleachers linking the first and second floor where you can sit and watch the world go by on Fifth or watch TV featuring the latest sports news and films.

Experience is also brought to life through a stall selling juices and snacks, a personal fitness consultation area, and a customisation area for both shoes and clothing. The fitting rooms have been turned into locker rooms and there are a turf and track to test out products before you buy.

Adidas FIfth Avenue

The use of digital and neon florescent light, paired with raw concrete, provides the perfect backdrop for an urban sports brand store.

With Nike also recently opening up a five-floor flagship in Soho with a top-floor basketball court and Under Armour on their respective tales, the sports store wars again are hotting up.

New York

565 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA