International stylist Sibilla Court runs a retail business on the side from a warehouse in Sydney, filled with interior treasures for the home.

Based on the success of Sibilla’s previous 80m2 store, the new space has 300 sq m, giving maximum impact for the product. Reminding you where you are, surfboards are dotted around the space acting as the perfect prop.

The space will also be used as a warehouse. The store receives two container shipments a year of products, sourced globally.

Interior of Sibilla Court's stylists shop

Sibilla Court’s stylists shop

Sibilla is also famous for her styling books and the shop is designed to be like walking through the pages of one her volumes. Each area is created as a different installation and the white blank canvas which the warehouse provides is the perfect backdrop.

The high ceilings allow for events and photo shoots. If you love Sibilla’s style, you can also rent her old store in Paddington on Airbnb.