The downtown Arts District of Los Angeles is becoming a retail hotspot and the latest addition to the offer is 3.1 Philip Lim.

The designer’s new 5,000 sq ft boutique sits amid small independent stores and some of the biggest names in contemporary art galleries. Located just moments from the busy intersection of East 3rd and Traction Avenue, the store is a move away from the more traditional retail zone of Robertson Avenue where the designer’s former shop traded.

Lim’s lease coming up on that location, plus the rents in the area shooting up, coincided with the reinvention of the Arts District in the city: a happy coincidence for the brand.

Inside Phillip Lim's new concept store in Los Angeles.

Inside Phillip Lim’s new concept store in Los Angeles.

3.1 Philip Lim has 15 stores worldwide. But the new LA store takes a very different path from the other outposts. There are exposed wooden beams, plenty of natural light and an ethereal feel to the space, enhanced by the use of transparent curtains and walls that finish halfway across a room.

Inside a few spectacular cacti add to the sun drenched feel of the space while at the rear of the store there is a small walled garden.

Los Angeles

734 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA