Swedish start-up company Wheelys has opened the first 24-hour, zero employee supermarket, in Shanghai.

In a sign that the store of the future is already here, customers are able to enter the Wheelys 247 store and download an app to on a mobile phone that provides their details linked to a credit card. Customers are welcomed by the AI technology and they can pay-as-they go, scanning their chosen item with their phone. The technology also recognises when stocks are running low and therefore the reorder process is taken care of, as well as shoppers.

The store is similar in concept to the Amazon Go shop in Seattle. Unlike Amazon however it does not have employees making meals. Wheelys 247 has no staff customer servicing shoppers in any way.

The 24-hour employee-free supermarket

The store has a simple yet high tech design. The exterior is entirely made of glass with a technology sensor allowing customers to enter. Inside, the store is painted in two tones of red and white. The shelves are neatly stacked with uniformly red branded packaging provided a minimalist feel.

A city that rarely sleeps now has a supermarket that never sleeps.

Jingan Qu

854 Wei Hai Lu, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200040